Services & Lessons




•Initial Evaluation MANDATORY FIRST APPOINTMENT (Videotaped Bullpen, Biomechanical Analysis, Pro Pitch Ai metrics and follow up consultation)   

$200.00***     for ages 13 and up

$150.00***   for ages 12 and under




•Individual Session (One on One with Coach Greg Short )

Dynamic warmup routine, bands, plyocare, Rapsodo, Pro Pitch Ai

 $140.00 hr.***  -   $75.00 1/2hr.***


           ***catcher provided

•Group/Buddy Sessions, Shared Hour 

     •2 players @ $90.00 ea.

     •3-4 players @ $75.00 ea.


Individual Session (One on One with Coach Ryan Harvey)

$130.00 hr.***  -  $70.00 1/2hr.***

           ***catcher provided

Group/Buddy Sessions, Shared Hour 

•2 players @ $75.00 ea.

•3-4 players @ $65.00 ea.

•6+ players @ $50.00 ea.

•Off-Site Practice Session at your field

     • 1-1/2-2 hours (minimum of 8 players) call for pricing

•3D Video Motion Analysis with BioKinetics of New Jersey

    •By appointment only-Middletown/Red Bank office

    •Call for pricing

•Comprehensive shoulder/elbow exam and functional strength and flexibility assessment with BioKinetics of New Jersey physical therapist

     •By appointment only
     •Call for pricing







If you agree to train with us/work for us or initiate any contact whatsoever, you are agreeing that we can use your name/image/conversational subject matter to advertise/promote/validate our programs/training/travel teams in a positive manner and simultaneously discredit/criticize/identify any reproducing/copying/poaching of our training content, training methodologies, protocols etc. Any attempt by any individual/party/travel program or its' affiliates to violate any of the above terms can be legally held liable. Sorry, there are some really bad people out there and we need to protect what is ours......

If you agree to play for any of our travel baseball teams, you are agreeing to play/train with us for the duration of one calendar year, we do not delineate/divide the year into Spring/Summer/Fall, payment in full is your recognition and compliance of these terms. Player and parents must conduct themselves in a professional manner and display good character and appropriate behavior at all times, both on and off the field. Failure to comply will be grounds for immediate dismissal at the coaching staff's discretion, no refunds of any kind will be awarded for either behavior determined unsatisfactory or leaving prior to honoring your agreement to fulfill your annual obligation, which runs from winter workouts until the culmination of the final scheduled event.