Summer Bootcamp

2017 Summer Velocity Bootcamp

July 9th through August 17th

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays 9am-10:30am

 @Dead Red Sports, 35 Park Road, Tinton Falls NJ 07724

Cost-$799.00 ($100 non refundable deposit due upon registration, for the scheduling and prepayment by Biopitch to secure our sports performance team and Cloud setup service)


ATTENTION RECENT HS GRADUATES AND COLLEGE PITCHERS!!!! HELP GUARANTEE THAT YOU'LL ARRIVE ON CAMPUS IN THE BEST THROWING SHAPE YOU CAN POSSIBLY BE!!! Rather than throw meaningless innings in games that have no benefit to your growth as a pitcher, for teams that may not have a designated pitching coach or for those pitchers who accumulated high workloads during the spring season, Biopitch is proud to announce our Summer Velocity Bootcamp.  This six week course will meet three times a week for an hour and a half per session, unlike other programs that charge hundreds of dollars more for only 3-4 days of content, which allows our athletes to make greater gains and master their development.  Athletes will be screened by a licensed physical therapist in order to identify and target specific areas of weakness so that an individualized/personalized improvement plan can be created to address each players area(s) of need.  Biopitch's one of a kind combination of rotational strength training, elbow/shoulder conditioning, overload/underload throwing protocols, and speed and explosive power training has been responsible for having pitchers gain an average of more than 5 MPH on their fastball velocities while creating healthier and more durable throwing arms.  Every athlete will have an initial evaluation consisting of both the functional screen and also a biomechanical analysis performed on their pitching deliveries utilizing multiple high speed cameras from multiple angles using motion analysis software at 240FPS. From these results and individualized program will be developed to address the findings of the aforementioned tests.  Athletes will the be re-tested every two weeks with each program re-measured and adjusted if necessary.  Implemented technology and recovery devices include Motus Sleeves, Marc Pro units, Rapsodo Cameras as well as Hit Trax software. We were one of the first to utilize these tools in the Tri-State Area for pitcher evaluation and performance tracking and continue to lead the way with our individualized training and improvement programs.  

Two weekly sessions will be devoted to arm care, strength and conditioning, overload/underload workouts as well as drills for creating repeatable, efficient throwing mechanics.  The third session will involve bullpen sessions facing live hitters utilizing both Hit Trax Software as well as Rapsodo cameras. SEE HOW YOU REALLY STACK UP AGAINST THE COMPETITION!!!

Mental/emotional training, lectures from various college coaches and professional scouts, plus one-on-one reviews of videotaped bullpens.  Current scheduled speakers include Phil Cundari (Seton Hall),  Casey Gaynor (Rutgers), Lee Mrowicki (Chicago Cubs) plus more to be added soon.  We are taking a maximum of 30 pitchers into this one of a kind program, don't be left out!

By filling out the registration form below, you are agreeing to being responsible for covering the NON REFUNDABLE scheduling and prepayment fees of $100

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